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Whether it comes to plumbing services, emergencies or plumbing upgrades, Woodfin’s expert plumbers in Chesterfield, VA have been surpassing the expectations for homeowners like you for years. We offer a full range of plumbing repairs and plumbing installations. From clearing clogged drains to hot water heater installation, gas piping and equipment installation, water purification, bathroom and kitchen remodels and installation of new kitchens and baths, Woodfin is here to help. Our latest equipment and fixtures help save water and energy, including low-flow faucets and toilets, tankless water heaters and heat pump hot water systems.

Plumbers Chesterfield Virginia | Emergency | Plumbers Chesterfield Virginia


When it comes to hot water heater installation, repair, service and replacement, Woodfin plumbers are leading experts in Chesterfield, Virginia. Some equipment we install throughout Chesterfield are gas hot water heaters, indirect hot water heaters, tankless hot water heaters and storage hot water heaters.

Ranging in size from 30 to 80 gallons (or larger), storage hot water heaters are by far the most common type of water heater in the U.S. today. These heaters are heated by electricity, natural gas, propane, or oil, and transfer heat from a burner or coil to water in an insulated tank.

Plumbers Chesterfield Virginia | Emergency | Plumbers Chesterfield Virginia

Heating water only as it is needed saves energy. That is where tankless water heaters come in. It is an alternative solution to storage hot water hearts, which heats water in advance and stores it. Woodfin is proud to be one of the leading distributors of Rinnai & Navien’s tankless water heaters, the top manufacturers in the nation today.

State durability tankless water heater line offers the convenience of continuous hot water while reducing energy use. We can have our factory-trained installers examine your hot water needs and choose the model of state durability tankless water heaters that will meet your specifications without using excess energy.

Get hot water on demand without a tank. Tankless coil hot water heaters use a heating coil or heat exchanger installed in a main furnace or boiler. This heater is similar to a demand water heater, but because these tankless water heaters rely on the furnace or boiler to heat the water directly, it is most efficient during cold months when the heating system is used regularly. This can be an inefficient choice for a majority of homes, especially for those in warmer climates.

Plumbers Chesterfield Virginia | Emergency | Plumbers Chesterfield Virginia

A more efficient choice for most homes is an indirect hot water heater, even though they require a storage tank. An indirect hot water heater can be the least expensive means of providing hot water because it uses a high-efficiency boiler and well-insulated tank.

Gas, oil, electricity, solar energy, propane or a combination of any of these can fire tankless water heaters and indirect systems. Tankless water heater systems are normally oil or gas-fired. Also, these integrated water-heating systems not only work with forced air systems, but also with hydronic or radiant floor heating systems.

Over 500,000 solar hot water heater systems have been installed in the United States, mostly in single-family homes. Most of these systems are used to heat swimming pools.

Heat pump hot water heater systems can use a third to half as much electricity as a conventional electric resistance water heater. They may do even better in warmer climates.

Plumbers Chesterfield Virginia | Emergency | Plumbers Chesterfield Virginia

State premier® hybrid electric heat pump hot water heaters are the most versatile and energy-efficient option for homeowners looking for cost savings and performance. It uses a new advanced hybrid electric design that integrates heat pump technology to produce a product that is twice as efficient as a standard electric water heater.


In Virginia, natural gas is the most cost-effective way to go. It typically costs three times as much to heat the same amount of water with electricity as it does with natural gas. First, decide whether you want to buy a gas or electric model. If you’re replacing an existing water heater and can’t figure out what type you have, our Woodfin plumbers in Chesterfield would be happy to assist you. Call us today.

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