A New Approach To Doing Business.

We help businesses use the power of internet to build a dominant online presence, grow their customers base, and increase their profits through actual result driven marketing strategies.

How Do We Do This?

Step 1 – Improving The Way You Generate New Customers

We pride ourselves in being your local and national marketing experts. We are dedicated in helping businesses utilize their online presence using laser focused ROI marketing strategies unlike anyone can provide in our space. Through the power of their websites, social media platforms, Video SEO, and mobile marketing platforms we provide a syndication network that catapults your message to the masses in your local area and abroad. This improves visibility online, increase traffic, customers acquisition, and coverts them into happy and loyal customers.

Step 2 – Our Domination Marketing Strategy Is Simple

Maximize your business exposure to meet new prospective customers and increase your connection with existing customers. Engage with your customers on their terms. We will demonstrate and show you how to implement a strategy that will keep you engaged with your customers systematically.  We accomplish this by implementing and utilizing the latest marketing tools, proven strategies and expert know-how.

Step 3 – Our Laser Targeted Marketing Objectives 

Immediately we start By Building A Solid Online Foundation using multiple platforms that will dominate your online presence. This exponentially produces leads that become exposed to your products and services that is fast and efficient for your business giving you a competitive edge.

Next we Build Your Marketing Program Incrementally. We control business your advertising costs by applying an incremental marketing approach that is scaled with the increased revenues generated by each campaign, enabling you to better manage your marketing budget.

Finally, we integrate All Marketing Elements So They Work In Synergy using a syndicated approach allowing for your marketing strategy to work in harmony together.

No Extra Work Required – By Planning, Executing, and Managing your marketing programs for you! Your business will reap the benefits without spreading you or your staff thin.

Everything a brand needs to drive sales.

The industry’s only comprehensive Online Domination Marketing Strategy
that gives your business Actual Results NOW!

Our Services


We build amazing custom websites to take your brand to the next level. Our #1 focus when we build your custom mobile responsive website, is conversion optimization which is a fancy word for designing your site to convert your website visitors into leads, sales, and loyal customers raving about your business! Simply put…Our websites deliver Results!


Your brand is important, and we understand that it is the heart of your business. We create stunning logos, graphics and promotional materials to represent your brand, and powerfully convey your message. We make you stand out from the crowd with proven marketing psychology built into your branding.


Video content is now a critical component for the major Search Engine algorithms, most especially in the Google/YouTube complex. A complete video optimization program which includes multiple videos along with skillful syndication and distribution can super-charge your visibility and rankings in a very short time.

Meet Our Team

Ray Geraban – Agency Director

Actual Results Media was founded by Ray Geraban who had a vision to use the power of internet using the combination online and offline strategies for their existing clients and the potential clients in a way that leads to increased profits, stronger customer engagement, and longer customer growth. He leads a team of award winning expert web designers and developers using WordPress CMS platform, graphic designers, content writers and copy experts and social media marketing strategist. Also on board is an award winning team of video production experts and video marketing experts. The combination allows us to provide our clients with the most powerful distribution and sydication strategies that delivers the highest ROI. Let Actual Results Media lead your next business marketing project that produces exactly what our company name represents Actual Results.

Chris Mitchell – Lead Developer

Chris Mitchell, Lead Developer at Actual Results Media, has over 6 years of experience in website development and online marketing, and is an expert at WordPress, Ecommerce, and Lead Generation. This is important because unlike many web developers, Chris actually understands the psychology behind the sales process, and therefore creates designs that not only look amazing, but also work as peak efficiency to convert visitors into leads, sales and loyal repeat customers. Chris leads our team in providing the highest quality web design & development as well as the ongoing support needed to keep our clients sites running and operating at peak efficiency.


Actual Results Media is an award winning company with a reputation for consistent innovation at the highest level of design & marketing.