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See How Your Customer Loyalty & Social Media Presence Skyrockets With This Plug-and-Play ‘Social Powered WiFi’ Solution

Monetize Free Wifi

Offer FREE SOCIAL WIFI with a Powerful Lead Generating System to your customers that is proven to increase revenues.

Grow Social Media

Increase social media presence and engagement with integrated social login and sharing options that promotes your business.

Auto Lead Generation

Automatically build a targeted email lists of customers who have been in your actual location which allows you to send them promotions.

Scalable & Affordable

Unlike some of the other WiFi solutions, we offer the most cost effective strategies to promote repeat business to your growing customer base.

How Social Wifi Works

Step 1: Customer connects to a business’ Free Wi-Fi connection on their smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Step 2: The customer will be directed to a landing page and asked to login with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, Instagram, VK or with their Email address to access the Free Wi-Fi.

Step 3: Customer is encouraged to share on Social Media and “Like” the business’ Facebook page before being redirected to YOUR own custom thank you page or URL of your choice.

Step 4: Customers enjoy Free Wi-Fi, while you now have the customers’ social media profile and/or email address so you can stay in contact, share promotions, send specials and other marketing messages to create repeat business and massive customer loyalty.

The Perfect Solution For:

Today you can start selling Social Powered Wi-Fi solutions to any of these industries.

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