Mobile Proximity Marketing

Take your mobile marketing to the next level with MobiPunch Cards, a cutting edge technology which allows you to easily capture customer information to stay in touch with your customers via mobile notifications which allow you to offer deals, specials and other promotions which boosts your sales and drives repeat business.

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See How Your Customer Loyalty With Mobile Proximity Marketing

Increased Revenue

Loyalty Punch Card programs can increase customer spend by over 10% giving your client more revenue.

Happy Customers

Customers love being rewarded for their loyalty – There’s no better way to keep your customers happy.

Valuable Analytics

Learn who are the most loyal and valuable customers with built in analytics and data.

Increase Visits

Punch Card programs give your client’s customers added incentive to come back and shop again.

How MobiPunch Cards Works

Step 1: Build Your Punch Card
Creating your Mobile Wallet Punch Card is simple with your cloud based platform. Build Punch Cards for your clients in minutes or allow them to build and manage it themselves under your own brand!

Step 2: Distribute The Punch Card
Customers can easily download your Punch Card to their Mobile Wallet on their iPhone, Android or Windows phone by clicking a URL, scanning a QR code, tapping an NFC Tag, or by clicking an SMS link.

Step 3: GPS & Beacon Notifications
Customers who’ve downloaded your Punch Card will get a custom lock screen notification when they come within a certain defined area of your city or in-store with the use of Beacons. This acts as a gentle reminder to customers to come visit the business and get rewarded for doing so.

Step 4: Customer Scans Punch Card
Business owner or staff can securely validate the Punch Card and award an additional “Punch” that’s instantly added to the customer’s Mobile Wallet Punch Card. No more carrying around “old school” paper or plastic Punch Cards.

Step 5: Reward Loyal Customers
Once a customer has reached the campaign goal, they receive a mobile reward in their mobile wallet , such as a Free Coffee, which they can easily redeem at the point of sale. The business owner is content because the transaction was accurate and secure and the customers leave happy after being rewarded for their loyalty.

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